Friday, October 10, 2014

Discreteness of eBooks Contribute to Rise in the Popularity of Mommy Erotica

I can hardly remember a time before airport bookstores were stocked with “50 Shades of Grey” and a slew of lookalikes. “50 Shades” has so much popularity behind it that it’s not a bid deal if you are caught reading it. They also have pretty blank covers that do not raise too many eyebrows, but what about the rest of the erotica that is out there?

“50 Shades” introduced many women, particularly married women with children (hence the term “Mommy Porn”), to the availability of erotically charged books with layered characters and interesting storylines. Since then, the market has been flooded with these books, both in hardcopy and eBooks, which allows all “Mommy Porn” lovers to figure out what they really like to read and then go on and enjoy it! Unlike “50 Shades” though, which has such a following that it’s trendy to have read it, other erotica does not get the same free pass. This means more discretion is used when finding your next erotic fix after you finish the “50 Shades” series. Luckily, you can go online, read a synopsis, and download your new erotica to your favorite eBook reading device, and enjoy it without anyone knowing. Ladies may not have had to explain why they were reading “50 Shades”, but they might not get the same leeway when they are caught reading another series. 

Since the market is so heavily saturated with these novels, it’s easy to find eBook deals for romance and erotica novels. From the leading publishing houses to self-published authors, everyone wants to get you hooked on their stories. You can sample a little bit of this and that, figure out what really floats your boat, and then explore further into that genre, author, or publisher without worrying that anyone knows what saucy reading you are into!

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