Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 14 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

All Prices mentioned below are supposed to be valid till 11:59 PM US PST October 14th, but Please double check the price before you download the book. Prices for eBooks changes every day (Sometimes, several times a day!) 

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Running on Empty (Mending Hearts, #1)
She had the perfect life – loving husband, three beautiful girls and a successful career.  But three years ago she lost her husband and subsequently lost herself.  Eventually she made peace with her new life and is focusing on her girls who are her world.  She doesn’t expect to fall in love again… until he comes back into her life, on a motorcycle of all things.  She won’t let him turn her life upside down.  But how long can she pretend she’s happy with her life being right side up?
Kindle Price: $0.00
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Three-Ways: A Detectives Seagate and Miner Mystery
Graduate student Austin Sulenka is found naked and dead on his bed.  The first thought to Detectives Seagate and Miner is it is an auto-asphyxiation gone wrong, as there’s evidence in the room he spent his life night with several women.  Tiffany is a former student who is still angry about getting a C when Austin promised her a B if she slept with him.  Then there’s May, his girlfriend who can have any man she wants.  Suzannah Montgomery was his thesis adviser who may have accidentally told Austin something that could ruin her career.  As they try to figure out the truth of the crime, Seagate finds herself in a three-way relationship that may shatter her sobriety.
Kindle Price: $0.00
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Jethro Knights is a transhumanist who is on an unwavering quest for immortality using science and technology.  He faces many fighting against him, including religious groups, economically stricken governments and the love of his life, Zoey Bach, a trauma surgeon who has an absolute belief in the afterlife.  Knights is exiled from the US and after a personal tragedy, forms the world’s largest seastead – Transhumania.  There he forges a nation of scientists working on his vision.  When the world demands an end to his work and declares war against Transhumania, he strikes back – and the world will be forever changed.
Kindle Price: $0.00
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HIDDEN DOORS, SECRET ROOMSA paranormal suspense
Over 100 5-star reviews!
"This has easily become my favorite read of 2014..." - Tom A
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Featured Kindle Accessory of the Day

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7" Zip Sleeve, Charcoal (fits the all new Kindle Fire HD and HDX 7") This is a certified Made for Kindle nylon zippered case that’s lightweight and fully encloses the device.  The interior has a soft protective lining and the exterior has a faux leather trim that complements the nylon, available in five colors.
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