Thursday, June 18, 2015

June 18 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

All Prices mentioned below are supposed to be valid till 11:59 PM US PST June 18th but Please double check the price before you download the book. Prices for eBooks changes every day (Sometimes, several times a day!)

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Stoking the Embers - Book 1: (Romantic Suspense)
Stephanie is a nursing student just a few months from her degree. Ken is a firefighter training to be a paramedic. Both have their lives mapped out until an accident brings them together and the possibility of a relationship blossoms. But in their shadows, an evil exists that won’t rest until it tears them apart.
Kindle Price: $0.00
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Extinction Horizon (The Extinction Cycle Book 1)
Team Ghost is a Delta Force Team that has never lost a man under the direction of Master Sergeant Reed Beckham. The team faces its deadliest enemy when a medical research facility goes dark – a variant strain of the Ebola virus that turns men into monsters. Beckham barely escapes and returns to Fort Bragg in the midst of a new war, as the virus is already spreading. Team Ghost is charged with protecting CDC virologist Dr. Kate Lovato, who is working on a cure. But what happens when the cure is worse than the virus?
Kindle Price: $2.99
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The Taste of Fear (A Suspense Action Thriller & Mystery Novel)
American movie star Scarlett Cox and her husband, hotel tycoon Salvador Brazza, head to Africa to get away and resuscitate their ailing marriage. When robbed of their money and passports, they seek help from the U.S. Embassy in Dar es Salaam on the very day Al Qaeda chooses to bomb it. In an eyeblink they are taken hostage and whisked across the border deep into the Congo, one of the last truly wild places left on earth. Battling terrorists, deadly wildlife, and cannibalistic rebels, Scarlett and Sal must find a way to survive in a violent, primeval world. And the only person who may be able to save them is the assassin sent to kill them.
Kindle Price: $0.00
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England, 1988 - Alex Weller has a near death experience as a child, experiencing the most ecstatic feeling he’s ever had when he sees a river of light and his father on the other side. But he’s pulled back to the scene of the car accident that just killed his parents, and he dedicates his life to understand and relieve the experience. Boston, a few months ago – an FBI special agent is obsessed with a serial killer who drills small holes in the skulls of his victims after strangling them. Milan, today - What happens when the greatest dream of humanity has become a nightmare?
Kindle Price: $4.99
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Tears in Rain
Customer review: "This is a superb addition to contemporary speculative fiction."
Kindle Price: $1.99
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Fat Men from Space
Customer review: "This book is very funny and is great for reluctant readers."
Kindle Price: $0.99
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