Friday, November 27, 2015

November 27 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

All Prices mentioned below are supposed to be valid till 11:59 PM US PST November 27th but Please double check the price before you download the book. Prices for eBooks changes every day (Sometimes, several times a day!)

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Come Home Again
Anything can be fixed with a little Duct Tape and sass…At least that’s what celebrity fixer, Delilah Donovan, used to think. She prides herself on being able to handle anything. But when she’s asked to fix the new CEO of Synth Games, she never dreams she’ll come face to face with the only man to ever break her heart. The past can't always be fixed... When a friend calls in a long ago favor, reformed hacker, Nate Williams, worries that his shady past will come back to haunt him. As acting CEO of Synth Games, he needs to make the world believe he’s CEO material. Too bad the one person who can help him is the one woman he had to leave behind.
Kindle Price: $0.00
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The Girl Who Never Came Back
This is a psychological thriller about a woman who is forced to confront her family's dark past. In the process, she begins to unravel the secret surrounding her disappearance, the horrific truth about her niece's fate, and the identity of the ghostly figure that seems to haunt the family.
Kindle Price: $2.99
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Family Reunion: When the Apocalypse happens only one thing matters, Family
A trip to the Pacific Northwest is interrupted by a deadly virus. Fighting to survive, fighting to reunite. Ryan Brant hasn’t seen some of his family for 18 years and is flying into Seattle Washington to attend the family reunion. The Brant family is spread out across the country and all are headed to the reunion; some travel by car, some by air, and one in a high end luxury Motor Coach. The South African Flu has brought the world to its knees and the vaccine the CDC created has just made the situation worse, much worse. Join them as they try to find each other in a world that has collapsed around them and millions die of the flu, or wish they had. 
Kindle Price: $0.99
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Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder
In this deeply personal book, Arianna talks candidly about her own challenges with managing time and prioritizing the demands of a career and raising two daughters -- of juggling business deadlines and family crises, a harried dance that led to her collapse and to her "aha moment." Drawing on the latest groundbreaking research and scientific findings in the fields of psychology, sports, sleep, and physiology that show the profound and transformative effects of meditation, mindfulness, unplugging, and giving, Arianna shows us the way to a revolution in our culture, our thinking, our workplace, and our lives.
Kindle Price: $1.99
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Flying Elephants and Other Stories: Beautifully Illustrated Children's Bedtime Story Book
Short Stories Collections and bedtime story books for kids by all ages, folklore myths and legends' is a collection of six Inspirational Stories for Kids. 
These six illustrated moral stories are included in this book: 
Story 1: Handsome Prince 
Story 2: Broken Pot 
Story 3: Barber and Ghost 
Story 4: Flying Elephants 
Story 5: Six Blind Men 
Story 6: Tailorbird and Monkey 
Kindle Price: $2.99
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