Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 26 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

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prisoners of war, world war 2, Luftwaffe, adolf hitler, nazi, Fort Leavenworth, germany ww2
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Remember Madeleine Mccann? She's the little British girl who disappeared 10 years ago from her family's vacation apartment in Portugal.Her parents say she was abducted. Many think her parents were involved in her death. But might it be something else? Why was critical evidence of possible abuse and pedophilia suppressed? Why was other evidence manufactured? Why did a near life-long pedophile, Sir Clement Freud (Sigmund's grandson) ingratiate himself with Madeleine's parents soon after she disappeared? Why did a reference to Madeleine occur in the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign?
Read "Finding Madeleine" (an instant download eBook) to discover the answer to these questions, and prepare to be shocked.
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“My mother told me the only way to truly cleanse one’s dirty laundry is to bring it out into the sunshine and air it. I’m giving that a try, airing the worst of my own dirty laundry.
“For example, few things are less attractive than suicide or extra-marital affairs. I've attempted the former and have been involved in the latter—multiple times—so I'm well-acquainted with how people react to a woman like me. It isn't pretty. At times, it's almost uglier than my own behavior.
“I've also considered murdering someone, but I didn't do it. Does that make me at least a little bit moral? Or will my reason for not taking a life put me in an even worse light?
“That's for you to decide when you read my story. But please keep in mind that I come from a long line of faulty DNA, and not just on the paternal side. Drunks and bipolars abound on both sides of my bloodline. Perhaps you'll weigh those facts, my only excuse, when deciding whether to forgive some of what I reveal.”
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For decades they were among us, silently infiltrating the power structures of society. Now the Swarm stands on Earth’s doorstep. As humanity launches a desperate counter-attack, the alien victory seems inevitable. Halsey, this is personal. While the Fleet executes their battle plan, she leads a do-or-die suicide strike at the heart of the alien force: her own INVINCIBLE, turned into a weapon against mankind. With a few marines, a pirate ship, and an ex-lover by her side, Halsey fights to take back her command and save the human race--or die trying. She is a proud warrior. She is humanity’s last hope. She is INVINCIBLE. 
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