Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October 2 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBook

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Ever feel like the ugly girl?  Rosie Avalon doesn’t know what to make of the bounty hunter who barreled into her life and turned everything on its head. When he lifts her concealment, Rosie goes from having a face that makes people cringe, to being suddenly beautiful. Bastien promises she’ll be safe when he takes her to a world teeming with Fae, Retifs, Brownies and the like, but with a target on her back and too many broken parts in this new magical world, Rosie isn’t sure a safe place exists under her evil mother’s rule.  Now with everyone trying to use her for gifts she never knew she had, Rosie wonders if life was better, back when she was the ugly girl. 
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Charlotte Worth returns home from a semester studying abroad to find her life just as she left it. Her mother has still abandoned her, her father is still consumed by the book he's been writing for 20 years, and Nana Rosie—her best friend—is still gone. So, when her friend Andrea asks for help with the play she’s directing at a community theater in lower Manhattan, Charlotte agrees. But this new adventure becomes something more when she develops an unexpected connection with Graham, the play’s moody leading man. She grapples with her growing feelings for him and her fear of letting someone else into her heart—all while the parallels between the content of the play and her parents’ marriage force her to confront what it means to forgive, as well as what it means to love. When all that she knows, but has avoided, comes to a head after the success of the play, Charlotte must decide if choosing to love those around her, just as they are, is worth it. And more importantly, whether letting them love her—as fully as they’ve always wanted to—is what she wants.
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