Friday, January 2, 2015

Featured Article Teens and eBooks

Teens and eBooks

You never see a teenager without a smartphone in today’s day. Many of the teens spend their smartphone time playing games or chatting with social media, but one of the most exciting aspects about teens having smartphones is the ability for them to keep hundreds of eBooks on it at a time. With the success of franchises like “Twilight” or “The Hunger Games” or even stand-alones like “The Fault in Our Stars”, there is more respect and attention pointed toward the young adult genre that targets kids and teens. Unlike previous generations, that had to chose between reading light-hearted books with young characters and “normal” problems or adult-level books that had adult characters facing new and exciting adventures, the teens of today get great young characters in exciting and epic settings in their eBooks. 

Now the question is where to start? If you wait until they are on the best seller list, what are you reading in the meantime? The best place to start is to look for eBook deals. These deals will feature books at a free or discount rate that is either the first book in a series (or possibly the whole series at a low-rate) or possibly stand-alone books by one author that are meant to give you a taste of their writing in hopes you will pick up their next one. We live in such a great time where we don’t have to worry about risking purchasing a full-price book that we end up not liking. We can now download many eBooks in all sorts of genres at a very low cost, and expose ourselves to great new authors, new characters, and new journeys every day!

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