Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Romance eBooks

The eBook market was made for Romance eBooks. Whereas readers once had to sneak reading their guilty pleasure, reading eBooks allows them to enjoy without having to hide. The covers of the romance books always had very dramatic poses of the main characters, often showing lots of skin. There was no way to hide what you were reading, and it wasn’t pleasant to try to defend your reading choices to those that don’t know the fun of Romance novels. Now, eBooks let us read whatever we want and never have to explain ourselves. Don’t know where to start? Check for good eBook deals. There are often free eBooks, or eBook deals for less than a dollar that let you try out the genre and pick favorite authors and publishers.

What can you expect from the Romance genre? You can expect well-developed characters, often feisty women and macho men that fall in love after tension, trials, and tribulations. The reader falls in love with both characters, and reads along on a journey that will lead those two characters together. This journey can be in a historical setting, contemporary setting, or paranormal or sci-fi world. There are many books that have romantic elements to them, but Romance is specifically about the two characters and their journey to get together.


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