Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

All Prices mentioned below are supposed to be valid till 11:59 PM US PST October 20th but Please double check the price before you download the book. Prices for eBooks changes every day (Sometimes, several times a day!)

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Connections (New Adult Romance)
Shy, lonely Cathy, who dropped out of college to spite her mother, now works in a local grocery store and makes phone calls - completely random phone calls to strangers - just to make a human connection. When a strange coincidence forces her to actually speak to the person on the other end of the phone one night, she is suddenly thrust back into the world, with all its risks and potential vulnerability. Will Seth be able to draw Cathy back into the land of the living?
Kindle Price: $0.00
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24 Hours: An intense, suspenseful psychological thriller
Laurie has escaped from a fire that has killed her best friend Emily. She thinks the fire was started deliberately to kill her instead but she has no idea why or who is out to get rid of her. What follows is a race against time, avoiding the police, to find her mother and daughter and work out who she can trust.
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Henry is a typical teenage boy living a typical teenage life. But when his father is sent through the gates to another dimension, Henry's life becomes anything but that. With the help his new elf friends and an unwilling  sorceress Henry sets out on a quest to find his lost father. With ki energy fighting, mystical flying castles and hybrid talking animals, this is fantasy adventure full of fun and excitement. 
Kindle Price: $1.27
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This tells the story of one family comprising of a mother, a girl and a boy. This particular family is very much like most, in which more often than not there are two parents and one or more children, but it differs from most in that this is a single parent family. Michal Keidar is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, a graduate of the psychoanalytic psychotherapy program in Bar-Ilan University, and a single mother to Ella and Iddo. The book, written privately for her children and called Ella and Iddo's Mother, answered some of their and other children's recurring questions. Since other children and parents enjoyed the book and read it again and again, it was decided to publish it in the hope that it would be interesting and useful, and bring joy to others as well. 
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This book will explain how you can prepare easy, simple low carb versions of your favorite cheesecake recipes.
Inside you will learn: 
• How you can make low carb versions of cheesecake that are delicious!. 
• Easy-to-follow recipes for plain, chocolate, fruit flavored and other specialty cheesecake. 
• Tips and Tricks for successfully preparing low carb cheesecake. 
You can do it! 
Learn the tips and strategies for turning this traditional high carb dessert into a low carb treat! Follow the simple and quick recipes for creating a variety of delicious and creamy cheesecakes.
Kindle Price: $2.99
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