Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

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Jake: A Journey of Self Discovery
The moral and societal issues Jake faces reflect the issues of our day, hard questions of current and historical racism, illegal immigration, addictive behaviors and the resilience of the human spirit. Some claim we have entered a post-racial period in America... but have we really? In this time of divisiveness, walls, and restricted or banned immigration can we truly say we have evolved? Have we solved our issues when some of us have to ask "if our lives matter?" Jake asks the questions we all have to answer: Is man destined to tread the paths of his forefathers? Is he constrained by the indoctrination of his youth? Can he overcome his past, his mistakes, and missed opportunities? And most importantly, is it ever too late to forge a new existence embracing the life that could have been lived? 
Kindle Price: $3.99
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 At thirteen, Daleen Berry was raped. By sixteen, she was barefoot and pregnant. And at twenty-one she was a mother of four children, tumbling headlong into a dark depression that nearly claimed all their lives. A riveting true story, this memoir peers into the most horrible moments of Ms. Berry’s life—and demonstrates the astonishing resilience of the human spirit. Sister of Silence has been called a “brave book,” Ms. Berry a “magnificent storyteller.” It was banned from Livermore High School in California in 2012 and turned into a TED talk in 2013. 
Kindle Price: $0.00
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A letter that reveals a horrifying truth…Natalie Richards finds more than she bargained for when she snoops through her boyfriend’s possessions: evidence that Mark Slater was once convicted of a brutal killing. Heartbroken by what she’s discovered, Natalie’s dreams of a future with him collapse. Only the other person jointly sentenced for Abby Morgan’s murder, the twisted and violent Adam Campbell, knows the truth. That Mark played no part in Abby’s death. Meanwhile, circumstances have thrust Mark back in contact with Adam, who, aged twenty-five, is more domineering and chilling than ever. Can Mark rewrite history and confront his nemesis?
Kindle Price: $0.99
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