Thursday, June 29, 2017

June 29 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

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River of Time
It has been three weeks since Kimberly traveled back in time to 1892 to become a mail-order bride to Patrick. She has enjoyed learning all about the day to day life of 1892. Although some of it is a struggle, she has a hunger to know how to live on the ranch, and wants to be able to be a good wife to Patrick, if she decides to stay. She knows she should tell Patrick that she is from the future soon, but doesn't know how. When Patrick's little brother, Keegan, finds his way to her cabin, he finds some of her things that will have Patrick looking for answers. Will Patrick will be able to accept the truth, and love her anyway? Will he still want to marry her? 
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Marie Walker has vanished from the face of the earth…Her besotted boyfriend, newspaper photographer Richard Thompson, vows to find her, convinced that Marie's unusual beliefs hold the key. But a shocking discovery makes him question if he ever really knew his girlfriend. And when people around him start to die, Richard is plunged into terrible danger. Drawn into the world of a sinister cult and the darkest corners of the Internet, Richard finds himself increasingly out of his depth – as he discovers just how far people will go to protect what they believe in..
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