Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July 25 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBook

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Gifting is a simple way of expressing your love and the feeling of warmth towards 
your loved ones, family and friends. Everyone loves receiving a gift and if they 
get the right gift, it will be appreciated so much more. Choosing the right gift for a person could sometimes be a Herculean task. More often than not, the sentimental value behind the gift matters, more than the gift itself. Yet if you want to make your loved ones feel more special, why not make something for them? It'll be more personal and you can touch their hearts because they know that both time and love went into the gift. Keeping the above in mind, this book contains a variety of Jar recipes, that is, recipes which can be made in a mason jar and given away as a present. These recipes are not only tasty but are beautiful to look at and easy to make. You can churn up batches of these jars in no time. 
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The happy life Faith McMann knew as a wife, mother, and teacher was destroyed when vicious criminals murdered her husband, kidnapped her children, and left her for dead. After paralyzing grief, fear, and despair, there was nothing left for her to feel…except fury. But striking a staggering blow against a brutal ring of human traffickers was just the beginning of her uphill battle. Though her daughter remains missing and her son is lost in the wilderness, Faith’s relentless efforts have reunited some children with their families. They’ve also made her and the rest of her family the targets of a sadistic crime boss. But Faith has learned plenty about survival in the lawless underworld she’s storming. And she’s forged an unbreakable bond with two no-holds-barred allies in the war against evil. As they dodge assassins and take down predators, Faith travels deeper into the heart of darkness, determined to rescue her children at any cost.
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