Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18 Kindle Daily Deals including Free eBooks

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Ruined By You
Maggie Simpson has one summer left before college starts. And the last place she wants to spend it is in Green Falls, TX with her mother's family. She was annoyed when her mother announced the change of plans at the last moment, but as she reconnects with her cousin Sarah, she realizes a summer away might be exactly what she needs.
Kindle Price: $0.00
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Forty years’ accumulation of art, antiques, and family photographs are more than just objects for Stanley Peke—they are proof of a life fully lived. A life he could have easily lost long ago. When a con man steals his houseful of possessions in a sophisticated moving-day scam, Peke wanders helplessly through his empty New England home, inevitably reminded of another helpless time: decades in Peke’s past, a cold and threadbare Stanislaw Shmuel Pecoskowitz eked out a desperate existence in the war-torn Polish countryside, subsisting on scraps and dodging Nazi soldiers. Now, the seventy-two-year-old Peke—who survived, came to America, and succeeded—must summon his original grit and determination to track down the thieves, retrieve his things, and restore the life he made for himself.
Kindle Price: $1.99
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Underneath the deep red barrier Edmund has placed over the city, Prague is in ruins… Vilį»³ hide in the darkened alleys, waiting to attack anyone who passes, while Edmund’s men roam the blood-soaked streets, scouring every crumbling building in a mad attempt to flush out Ilyan and his men. 
Kindle Price: $0.99
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This book shows you how a major discount grocery store not only saves you a lot of money, but also lets you buy products of much better quality. Learn how to feed your family a nutritious whole foods diet with ALDI grocery stores, while spending less than you ever have on food. Imagine having more money left over to put into your savings account, spend on a few days of fun, or on getting some new toys for your family?
Kindle Price: $3.99
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Ducky Duck
"Oh no, Ducky Duck doesn't want to be a duck! 
He wants to be a bunny. Oh dear. No really, he 
wants to be a deer too. Ducky uses dress-up fun 
to become anything but a duck. Will any of his new 
identities work out for him"?
Kindle Price: $3.47
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In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in the stock market racks up $300 billion. In Chicago, a woman can go invisible by being where no one is looking. They’re called "brilliants," and since 1980, one percent of people have been born this way. Nick Cooper is among them; a federal agent, Cooper has gifts rendering him exceptional at hunting terrorists. His latest target may be the most dangerous man alive, a brilliant drenched in blood and intent on provoking civil war. But to catch him, Cooper will have to violate everything he believes in - and betray his own kind.
Kindle Price: $2.00
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